Top 5 Current Favourites That Aren’t Books

1) Music: 24K Magic by Bruno Mars

24K Magic

I have been listening to Bruno Mars’ new album almost non-stop since it came out in November and I’m still not tired of it. I love all the songs (save one) and when I put it on it makes me want to dance my butt off.

2) Video Game: Pokemon Red

Image result for pokemon red

Everyone I know is obsessed with Pokemon Go but I must admit, I haven’t played it yet. (It could be because my phone is at least 7 years old and doesn’t know what an app is.) So while people are roaming around outside catching Pokemon, I’m at home on my couch with my GameBoy Color (remember those?) playing Pokemon Red for the five millionth time.

3) Makeup: Fresh Sugar Ruby Tinted Lip Treatment

I am obsessed with this lip balm. It gives my lips the perfect sheer red tint and it makes them feel as soft as rose petals. Perfect for everyday (and perfect for kissing!)

4) Card Game: Exploding Kittens (NSFW Edition)

Exploding Kittens: NSFW Edition (Explicit Content)

My best friend bought me this awesome card game for my birthday and it is so much fun! It is worth it just for the hilarious cards alone (there’s one that features a crack-smoking baby owl. ‘Nuff said.)

5) Fanfiction: Switch by susrrate

Image result for draco and harry

Switch is a Drarry fanfic of epic proportions. The writing is gorgeous, the plot is complex and amazing, and she has a fantastic way of writing Rowling’s characters so that they’re recognizable but with her own special twist. (Full disclaimer: The author is actually a very close friend of mine but I would recommend her work even if we weren’t. Every time I see her, I bug her for the next chapter.)

Top 5 Wednesday Goodreads group.


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