February Wrap-Up

I had a pretty great reading month in February. I read a total of 11 books, most of them in the fantasy genre with one horror novel thrown in for variety. That brings my total for 2017 so far up to 27 so that means I am more than a quarter of the way through my Goodreads Reading Challenge!

Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

'Salem's Lot

Rating: 4/5

One of the best horror novels that features vampires. Stephen King creates incredible characters, puts them in a realistic small town setting – and then unleashes hell. Full review here.

Midnight Riot (Peter Grant #1) by Ben Aaronovitch

Midnight Riot (Peter Grant, #1)

Rating: 4/5

The first book in a great urban fantasy series that can best be summed up like this: wizard cops in London. Full review here.

Moon Over Soho (Peter Grant #2) by Ben Aaronovitch

Moon Over Soho (Peter Grant, #2)

Rating: 4/5

The second book in the Peter Grant series is even better than the first one! (And I really like the first one.) Full review here.

Whispers Under Ground (Peter Grant #3) by Ben Aaronovitch

Whispers Under Ground (Peter Grant #3)

Rating: 3.5/5

Honestly, not my favourite book in the Peter Grant series but it’s still an enjoyable read. Full review here.

The Home Crown Advantage (Peter Grant #1.5) by Ben Aaronovitch

The Home Crowd Advantage (Peter Grant, #1.5)

Rating: 4/5

This is a short story in the Peter Grant universe that takes place during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. It’s a fun story and it fits in well with the rest of the series, but it’s not required reading.

Broken Homes (Peter Grant #4) by Ben Aaronovitch

Broken Homes (Peter Grant, #4)

Rating: 4/5

One of my favorite books in the Peter Grant series. This one ends with a major twist! Full review here.

Foxglove Summer (Peter Grant #5) by Ben Aaronovitch

Foxglove Summer (Peter Grant, #5)

Rating: 5/5

Hands down, the best book in the Peter Grant series. Missing children! Carnivorous unicorns! Aliens that are not really aliens! Full review here.

Rivers of London: Body Work by Ben Aaronovitch and Lee Sullivan

Rivers of London - Body Work

Rating: 4/5

The Peter Grant series translates so well to comic book format. A really great adventure that sees Peter dealing with haunted cars!

Rivers of London: Night Witch by Ben Aaronovitch, Andrew Cartmel, and Lee Sullivan

Rivers of London: Night Witch

Rating: 4/5

Another great Peter Grant comic book spinoff – although I will say the plot was a little hard to follow.

The Hanging Tree (Peter Grant #6) by Ben Aaronovitch

The Hanging Tree (Peter Grant, #6)

Rating: 4/5

So, so, so, so, so good! And we get to see a big dramatic reveal in this one! (Hint: It has to do with a certain Faceless villain!) Full review here.

An Accident of Stars (Manifold Worlds #1) by Foz Meadows

An Accident of Stars (Manifold Worlds, #1)

Rating: 4.5/5

Feminist fantasy with diverse, queer characters and fantastic world-building. My favorite read of the month! Full review here.

What did you read this month? Let me know!


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