Top 5 Fictional Jobs I’d Want to Have

1) Magizoologist (Fantastic Beasts)

Image result for newt scamander

How cool would it be to travel the world studying magical creatures? If I was a magizoologist, I think I’d specialize in studying different dragon breeds.

2) Quidditch Player (Harry Potter)

Image result for quidditch

I’m really not that athletic but if it was possible to play Quidditch and fly around on a broom, I would definitely want to be a professional player. I’d probably want to be a beater and play for the Holyhead Harpies (Ginny Weasley’s team!)

3) Auror (Harry Potter)

Image result for mad eye moody

I don’t know if I’d make a good Auror or not but I think it would be quite challenging to be a dark wizard catcher.

4) Jedi/Sith Lord (Star Wars)

Image result for darth vader luke skywalker fight

I don’t think there’s a Star Wars fan out there who hasn’t fantasized about being a Jedi. But while it would be the right thing to do to fight for the Light side – a part of me feels the call to the Dark. Is that any surprise? My favorite characters are always the villains. No matter what side I was on, my lightsaber would be purple.

5) Rebel pilot (Star Wars)

Image result for star wars rebel pilot

I just really want to fly, okay? And how cool would it be to get to fly across the galaxy?

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