Top 10 Things on My Reading Wishlist

1) M/M Historical Romance

M/M historical romance books are nothing new – I discovered them when I was in my teens – but Avon, a major player in the romance publishing industry just started releasing M/M historical romance titles last year. I want to see even more major publishing houses release even more M/M historical romance titles.

2) M/M New Adult Fantasy Romance

I want a book series that is similar to A Court of Thorns and Roses but with a romance featuring two male characters.

3) M/M College Romance

(Noticing a theme, yet?)

I became obsessed with Elle Kennedy’s Off-Campus series recently and I would absolutely looove to see a steamy college romance where two hot guys fall for each other.

4) Beasts/mythical creatures bonding with humans

One of my all-time favourite tropes is when a vicious and powerful  fantasy creature (like a dragon) forms a bond with a human and becomes protective of them. I read a short story once where a dragon bonded with the princess he captured but I cannot think of any actual novels I’ve read that have that trope. I know they’re out there but I just can’t think of any. (Recommendations would be appreciated!)

5) Villains being redeemed by love

Another trope I am a sucker for is when a villain is redeemed by love. It doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic love but I am dying for a series where the main character is a really evil person but then they fall in love with someone and are redeemed by it.

6) A Beauty and the Beast retelling with an actual beast

Now. I know I am not the only person who thinks the Beast is waaaaay hotter than the prince. (In both the original animated movie and the live-action remake.) But whenever I read a Beauty and the Beast retelling it usually features a Beast who turns back into a man at the end or a man who acts beastly or a supernatural being who can shapeshift. While I enjoy those books very much, I am just waiting for a fantasy book where the romance is between a woman and some sort of anthropomorphic beast. And there are sex scenes. Lots of them. There I said it.

7) Epic horror fantasy

There are probably a lot of books out there that seamlessly blend horror and epic fantasy but I’ve never read any. The Dark Tower would be an obvious place to start, I’m sure, but are there any more?

8) Books told from fantasy creature’s POV

More specifically, I want a fantasy series told from a dragon’s POV.

9) Sci-fi horror

I love movies like Alien and Life that blend science fiction with pee-your-pants horror and gore. But sci-fi horror books are harder to find.

10) Harry Potter from Snape’s POV


I’m not looking to get into a Snape debate but Snape is my favourite character from the HP series and I would love a book from his POV.

If anyone has book recommendations for any of the above, I would be so so so grateful! What’s on your reading wishlist?

Top 10 Tuesday is an original bookish tag created by The Broke and the Bookish.

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