10 New/Upcoming Releases I’m On the Fence About

1) The Mister by E.L. James


Release Date: April 16

I’ve got a very complicated relationship with E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey series. Back when it was becoming a bona fide phenomenon, I read the first book out of curiosity and absolutely loathed it. I couldn’t see how anyone could like it. Then, over time, my views on it softened, probably helped by seeing smoking-hot Jamie Dornan portray Christian Grey in the film adaptations. Now I look on the erotic romance trilogy as harmless fun but certainly not among my favorite books. Now, E.L. James has a brand new romance novel coming out in April and I have to admit, I’m curious but still a little unsure if I should invest my reading time in it.

2) Sophia, Princess Among Beasts by James Patterson

princess beasts

Release Date: July 15

I’ve read some of James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club mysteries and thought they were just okay. Now he’s got this new fantasy coming out that sounds like it could be very Beauty and the Beast inspired. I’m immediately interested in any retelling of my favorite fairy tale but I just haven’t heard enough about this book to know if that’s what it is. I’ll check out some reviews when it comes out and then decide if it’s worth adding to my TBR.

3) Four Dead Queens by Astrid Scholte

four dead queens

Release Date: February 26

There are always SO MANY amazing-sounding YA fantasy books coming out each year now that it’s so hard to decide which ones to add to my already-massive TBR list. This one sounds good and that cover definitely grabs my attention but I think there are a few other fantasy books coming out this year that are taking priority over this specific title.

4) City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

city of girls

Release Date: June 4

I’ve only read one Elizabeth Gilbert book – her self-help book on creativity, Big Magic. So I’ve yet to read any of her fiction but this one does sound intriguing – according to Goodreads, it’s ‘a unique love story set in the New York City theater world during the 1940s.’ It’s an era and setting I’m definitely interested in but I’ll wait and see.

5) The Beautiful by Renee Ahdieh

the beautiful

Release Date: October 8

I really enjoyed Renee Ahdieh’s Wrath and the Dawn duology but I’ve yet to read her Flame in the Mist series and now she’s got yet another duology coming out this year. Plus, it features vampires and YA vampire books tend to be very hit or miss in my own personal experience. Still, I’ll probably end up adding it to my TBR at some point.

6) Blood for Blood (Ziba MacKenzie #1) by Victoria Selman

blood for blood

Release Date: February 1

This book, about an ex-special forces profile on the hunt for a serial killer, sounds really good. It won the CWA Debut Dagger Award and also takes place in London, always a bonus in my book. However, the mystery genre is never one I feel like I’m clamoring to read. In other words, I think I could wait for this one.

7) Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta, Cori McCarthy

once and future

Release Date: March 26

A sci-fi/fantasy  reimagining of the King Arthur story. Sounds badass, right? I’m definitely interested but, having said that, I’ve read a fantasy novel based on the King Arthur legend before and it didn’t do much for me. (I can’t even remember the title.) Gorgeous cover, though.

8) Deal with the Devil by Meghan March

deal with the devil

Release Date: January 15

I’m really drawn to that cover (for whatever reason) but the synopsis on Goodreads is kind of vague so I’m just not sure about this one.

9) The Farm by Joanne Ramos

the farm

Release Date: May 7

There seem to be a lot of Handmaid’s Tale-inspired dystopian novels being published right now. (Gee, I wonder why.) Books like this can be eye-opening, enlightening, and empowering – but they can also be terrifying and depressing as hell. I think I would have to be in the right mood to pick this one up.

10) Blood Heir by Amelie Wen Zhao

blood heir

Release Date: June 4

Yet another upcoming fantasy book with an awesome cover – I just don’t know if I’ll have time to get to it.

Top Ten Tuesday is an original bookish tag started by The Broke and the Bookish and continued by That Artsy Reader Girl.

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    1. Yeah, like I said, I’d really have to be in the right mood to read it – and then I’d probably have to read something light and fluffy afterwards, lol

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