TTT: Standalone Books that Need a Sequel

1) Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

pride and prejudice

Okay, I know that there are already countless sequels, prequels, and spin-offs for this book but my ideal sequel would be a smutty look into Darcy and Elizabeth’s wedding night.

2) Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

mansfield park

I don’t want a sequel to Mansfield Park so much as a rewrite – a version where Fanny ends up with a (reformed) Henry instead of her boring cousin, Edmund.

3) The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

handmaid's tale

I think one of the biggest questions left at the end of The Handmaid’s Tale is what exactly happened to Offred – thankfully we’re actually getting a sequel this year and hopefully we’ll get some answers.

4) The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth

cameron post

If you’ve read this book, you know that it is awesome but that the ending is also a bit…abrupt, shall we say? I’d love to see a sequel where Cameron navigates young adulthood – maybe we see her going to college?

5) Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs

naked lunch

Again, I don’t want a sequel exactly but just a supplementary text that explains just what exactly happens in this hallucinatory, confusing book.

6) Hell House by Richard Matheson

hell house

I’d actually love a prequel to Hell House – a book that details the depraved backstory of the house and precisely how it became so evil in the first place.

7) Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall

rose-tainted skies

Under Rose-Tainted Skies is a story about Norah, an agoraphobic teenage girl who is literally terrified of everything  – germs, other people, improbable natural disasters, the cute new boy next door. It ends on a hopeful note with Norah beginning to overcome her fears and embarking on a tentative romance with said cute new boy next door. It’d be cool to have another book, or even a short story, where we get to see more of Norah’s progress.


Top Ten Tuesday is an original bookish meme created by The Broke and the Bookish and currently moderated by That Artsy Reader Girl.

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