10 Types of Books that are Perfect for Reading on a Rainy Day

Any type of day is perfect for reading in my opinion but there is something about a rainy day that just begs to be spent curled up on the couch under a cozy blanket with a book and a cup of tea/hot chocolate/warm beverage of your choice. Below I’ve made a list of the ten types of books that are perfect for reading when it’s pouring rain outside.

1. Mystery stories

Nothing goes better with a whodunit than the sound of rain on the roof.

2. True crime

True crime books are creepy enough on their own but to make them even more chilling, crack one open on a grey, rainy day and settle in to be scared out of your wits.

3. Long, epic books

When it’s raining outside, it’s the perfect time to read the day away so you’re going to need a book that’s going to last you all day. Why not immerse yourself in a book that’s 1000+ pages long?

4. Horror

Reading a horror novel on a rainy day kind of fits into the same category as reading a mystery or a true crime book – it’s the perfect genre for the gloomy, grey atmosphere that a rainy day creates.

5. A love story or an old-fashioned romance novel

Sure, you could read a bubbly, cute contemporary romance on a rainy day to cheer yourself up but I think a love story or something more classic/old-fashioned is a more fitting choice.

6. An audiobook/something from Audible

If all you want to do is look out the window and stare out at the rain moping and thinking about a long-lost love/love that will never be/that cat that ran away before you could pet it, why not throw on an audiobook/podcast to keep you entertained while you pretend you’re in your very own soap opera?

7. A book of poetry

Poetry just goes with dark, rainy days for some reason – hard to imagine reading a book of poetry on a bright, sunny day. What are you, some kind of weirdo?

8. A tearjerker

If you want your face to match what’s going on outside, read a book that’s guaranteed to make you ugly cry!

9. Something light/funny

Alternatively, you might just want to read something that will have you in tears – of laughter! *points at you with finger guns*

10. The Harry Potter series

Because rain or shine, it’s always a good day to read Harry Potter.


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